Dr. Natalie Marr – Helping Women Make Midlife Their BEST LIFE

In this episode, Jack talks with Clinical Psychologist and Life Transition Expert Dr. Natalie Marr about how she is helping women who are struggling with the midlife transition to love their lives again so that they can make midlife their best life.

Midlife Crisis – The middle-aged guy who is trying to hang on to his youth with sports cars, a ridiculous wardrobe, and a new tattoo. That seems to be the common stereotype. But men certainly don’t have the market cornered when it comes to dealing with this milestone in life.

While the midlife struggles men face can often manifest themselves externally, the struggle can be much more private for women.

Listen in as Dr. Natalie reveals what she calls the deep dark secret that many women deal with during this time and why there’s no need to face it alone. She shows them another way to manage midlife—a way that has them loving their lives instead of struggling through them.

To learn more about Dr. Natalie Marr, visit https://LearnToLoveYourStory.com
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