Pam Spencer – Freeing Yourself From Midlife Pain Through Optimal Health

In this episode, Jack talks with Pam Spencer, author of “Invisible Ink: How to Become Your Most Excellent.”

Is pain an inevitable part of getting older? If you are reaching, or perhaps well into midlife, you may have started noticing the soreness of getting out of bed in the morning or other nuisance pains throughout the day. But for many, those nuisance pains go far beyond soreness.

Besides just being aware of the constant discomfort, physical pain can lead to many limitations in life due to mental and physical exhaustion, unwanted weight gain, and lack of sleep.

Pam Spencer is a Nurse Practitioner, Health & Life Coach, and founder of Empowered Women & Wellness Solutions. She has worked with thousands of clients to help them gain vibrant energy by teaching them the tools needed to free themselves from pain so they can live the extraordinary life they deserve.

Pam overcame significant adversities with her own health. Through perseverance and the power of the mind, she went from struggling with stress, exhaustion, chaos, emotional sabotage, and low self-confidence to living an extraordinary life.

Today, Pam specializes in helping busy professional women in midlife achieve an extraordinary life through optimal health, self-empowerment, and inspiration.

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