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Jack Mize is the host of Influencers Radio, Best Selling Author and contributor to Inc.com and Huffington Post, covering Influencers and Innovators in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Growth.


Jeff Beale – Mr. Marketology Fast Tracks Marketing and Branding for Growing Businesses

Marketing Consultant Jeff Beale, known as Mr. Marketology, discusses how he helps successful companies that are expanding fast track their marketing and branding for new products and services they may be adding. Overcoming disconnects between the marketing department, executives and the technical teams is something that Jeff specializes in to avoid the struggles that are […]


Julie Bartkus – Child Care Business Success Movement

In this interview, Child Care Business Success Movement Founder, Julie Bartkus, shares with Jack how her passion for helping child care business owners positively impacts children, their parents and a community. Julie Bartkus, a consultant to child care business owners, helps to maintain or reinvigorate the passion these business owners have for a business which […]


Brant Phillips – The Realities of Residential Real Estate Investing

Brant Phillips, founder of InvestHomePro.com  discusses Rules for Real Estate Investing and Foreclosure Renovation. Brant talks with Jack about selecting investment properties for himself and his clients, including his approach to dissuading clients from bad deals and his philosophy on integrity and the need to give clients good advice, despite the monetary outcome for his company. […]


Lee Baucom, Ph.D. – How To Save Your Marriage Even If You Are The Only One Interested

Relationship coach, Lee Baucom, Ph.D., in this interview with Jack, shares his unique professional twist on how he helps increase the odds that a struggling marriage can not only survive, but prosper. Lee explains the differences between what a marriage therapist or marriage counselor does versus how relationship coaching works. A marriage therapist by training, […]


Desiree Stafford – Clarity, Confidence and Clients For Female Entrepreneurs

Best Selling Author, Desiree Stafford discusses how female entrepreneurs can turn their passions and expertise into a business that fully represents who and what they are all about. To Learn More: http://DesireeStafford.com/ https://www.facebook.com/DesireeStaffordFan Amazon Best Seller: Clarity, Confidence, Client: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Make a Difference, Work Less and Make Amazing Money


Kelly Fidel – Shattering the Glass Ceiling For Women Entrepreneurs

Kelly Fidel, Founder and CEO of No Glass Ceiling,  talks with Jack about her mission of helping a million women make just one change in their personal or business life. that will cause a ripple effect, impacting millions around the world. Listen as Kelly explains how she helps women entrepreneurs attract quality clients and grow […]


Russ Ruffino – Going on “Autopilot” and Doing Less For Big Money

Internet Marketing Expert, Russ Ruffino discusses his success in turning hard-working small-time entrepreneurs into real business owners generating much higher profits with far less effort. He does this exceptionally well by showing entrepreneurs how to re-think the value of the products and services they provide and showing them ways to put ordinarily time-consuming, energy-draining processes on autopilot.  


Ryan Moran – Living In The Freedom Fast Lane

Jack Mize interviews Ryan Moran, Internet millionaire, lifestyle design expert and Founder of FreedomFastLane.com. You might think Ryan Moran is burning both ends of the candle. Listen as we discuss Ryan’s passion for empowering others to take responsibility for their own personal happiness, success, and security.


Morgan Giddings – Unleashing Inner Creativity

Morgan Giddings, a former tenured professor with the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and leading scientific researcher discusses why she quit her job with a single email and how she is helping others unleash their inner creativity.


Etienne Gravel – Anti-Virus For The Mind

Jack talks with Etienne Gravel about his Anti-Virus for the Mind system which specializes in helping people deal with depression by focusing on the unresolved conflict, he calls a ” mind virus,”.


Nick Dumitru – Plastic Surgery Marketing Expert

Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing Expert and Best Selling Author of the book “How to Be a Cut Above Your Competitors” , Nick Dumitru goes beyond SEO and discusses the much deeper psychological trigger points that influence a consumer’s decision on choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon when looking online.


James Klobasa – Reaching Your Ideal Client With Product Launches

James Klobasa is Product Launch Manager and Mentor. “Taking someone through a product launch, for me, is really about getting to know your market on a really intimate level, he says, “finding out what they’re after and presenting that in a curious manner or in a shock-and-awe type manner, so that they sit up and […]

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